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Posted by colleen brook on August 21, 2014 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (9)

I taught in Noorat near Mortlake not far from Warrnambool last weekend. There were lots of different breeds there, Welsh Cob crosses,warmblood crosses, welsh,clydesdale cross! There might have been 3 tb's.

I taught at the Glenormiston College where they used to run ag / horse  courses.The facilities are all there not in use very disappointing.

Some small shows here for us in the next month or two trying to get our horses up to the next standard.

I will be running lessons at home regularly for the next fe months as well.Give me a ring if you are interested.0407 760 929.

August ,September

Posted by colleen brook on August 21, 2014 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (589)

Hopefully after the rain last week the new season of growing may begin. There is a slight tinge of green coming on the dry grass.

Liz and I have been competing in one day events with our horses. Liz's horse Illuminaton is now a cross country whiz. The other horse'In the Fashion' is also a great CC horse .

She is to be sold and will suit an Interschools rider,all rounder because she is a gem.

My horse Corvette ,is ready for bigger jumps now, I have been playing around the `1m size. The power and stride of this horse is wonderful.

WEG is about to start, I wonder how it will go.Someone will always pop up,even the teams class can be surprising. Who would have thought we would be ahead of the Germans at London Olympics in the showjumping. 

All our teams seem to have a mix of youth and experience I wish them the very best. I have competed at the Worlds, pretty tough.

The show season is a bit quiet and the Aus Championships are coming up fast. We will not be competing sadly but there is always next year.Hugo Simon  is 72 and still riding well!

A few more shows.

Posted by colleen brook on March 30, 2014 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (56)

Maitland Show in February was a very successful one. I took Pli's two horses as she was injured and Quinny. Pli's horses were great and her big grey Ego Landmark won the big C and D championships in very wet conditions.

Quinny jumped very well three places form three starts. 6th in the 1.35m, 4th in the 6- Bar and 2nd in the Grand Prix. Great effort from us, I was happy

A couple of weeks off and I co- presented at the inaugural Horseman's Rendevous at SIEC on 22-23 March.

It was a lot of fun and interesting to see how 4 supposedly different disiplines were very similar at the start.Quinny starred jumping and  pupils demo-ed a lesson as well. Coralie, Kerry,Pli, Lauren and Liz. Photos can be found on my facebook page. 

Castle Hill show was on last weekend and the ground was wet boggy slippery you name it. Shame as it is one of our best shows,the competition was strong with 40 horses in the Mini Prix.Camden this Friday and Jump Club Sunday hopefully because it poured last night.

The Royal is fast approaching and Quinny and I are in Section 2.Jumping starts Thursday 10th April.

I will be available for teaching during the Easter Weekend, ring me for details. 0407-760929.

Berry and Nowra shows.

Posted by colleen brook on February 9, 2014 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Berry Show is another pretty venue with good footing. Warren Priestly was the CD again,Warren designed at  Dapto, Kiama and Berry so farkeeping busy.

Quinny's best was double clear and 4th in the Grand Prix. These classes are 1.40m and have been good to get to know the horse and learn how to ride him better.

The numbers have been small (9) in the the big classes but making the classes where everyone comes back in the second round, except the eliminated ones. makes for a good jump off.The clear rounders don't like it much but it is a better class.

The numbers werre bigger at Berry but manageable. The South Coast boys, Aaron Hadlow and Toni Priestly always are hard to beat. James Arkins won the Champion Rider of the show.

Nowra Show on the 7/8 February yet another good venue.

Mark Atkins was the CD and he alays does a good job,challenging enough. Every CD has their own style and it is goodQuinny jumped super for 4th on the first day and 4th on the Grand Prix.The numers bigger again . There were 40 in the 1.30m class.

Vicki Roycroft was the GP winner and Nicloe Bruggeman the MIni Prix winner.

Off in the other direction this weekend to Maitland in the Hunter Valley about 20 mins inland from Newcastle. Always a big turn out there. The jumpers wil lbe going from early to late for the three days. We see everybody else come and go and we wll be still there jumping.

South Coast Shows

Posted by colleen brook on January 26, 2014 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I am riding ASB Quindoctro a bay warmblood gelding 10  years old. Quinny belongs to Nick and Holly Crowe.

Liz's little mare has a knock on her leg that needs a week or two treatment.


After a hiccup with my truck I travelled down to Dapto approx 2 hours South of us .

The weather was beautiful with a cool breeze stopping the normal January heat from beconing unbearable.

Warren Priestly and Greg Backhouse were the CD;s.

NIck and I arrived just in time to tack up and ride in the A and B.

NIck finished 4th with a double clear and I was 6th after knocking the first fence down.

2nd day the big class was worth $1100.00 to the winner!

Quinny had one down in the first round and jumped a great round against the clock to be 5th.

KIAMA AG SHOW 24-2TH January.

I travelled on my own  this time. Kiama is a further 20 mins south of Dapto right on the boast. Kiama is a tourist town and has a famous attraction the 'blowhole' at the lighthouse., The blowhole is a hole worn by the sea in the cliff and the sea water rushes up and creates a big spray,quite spectacular on a windy day. The area also had a lot of cedar trees which were cut and sent to Sydney on ships in times gone by.

First day in the A and B Quinny was looking out at the practice fence which was right by the arena so no prizes for us.

I stayed overnight at Milly Clarke's parents place near Berry. It is a very pretty area and at the Clarke's place  the exciting wait is nearly over for the first foal from my imported mare Aruba!

2nd day in the big class, we knocked one down in the first round and Quinny jumped a cracking 2nd round to be the fastest of the day to be 4th. I stayed for the 6-bar and Quin jumped 1.70m to be 2nd. We had the 4th fence down in the 4th round. James Arkins won on Bling Du Rouet.

Andrew Inglis won Champion Rider , he has lots of horses to ride and mostly ones he and Jenny bred.

Next week Berry Show another 30 mins south of Kiama.


Posted by colleen brook on January 2, 2014 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)


In Sydney this month we have George Morris to attend and be re-inspired.

George has the ability to say in one phrase what needs to be done. It is very easy to understand. Forget all the dramas you hear about him, he is an amazing clinic teacher.There is no concession given for anything I might add. If you turn up you must be fit to do the job.

This time of the year is agricultural show time. Last year we had lots of hot ,very, very, wet shows.

Liz and I start the year with only  a couple of horses, mostly thoroughbreds as it happens.

It will be a bit slow for us until we can get them firing. 

I will be available for teaching as per usual.

I have a big teaching job in Armidale later in January. The girls school there NEGS are running a week long Elite Rider's Camp with 4 different discipline teachers. The new indoor is huuge.

I have an exciting teaching presenter job in March at SIEC. It is called 'Horsemans Rendevous'.

Again there will be top horseman from a couple of different horse sports to show how they train and I am looking forward  to be in the thick of it.

Keep thinking forward.

Armidale last clinic for the month.

Posted by colleen brook on September 11, 2013 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I taught at Armidale girls school NEGS. where they have two indoor arenas.The place is very busy with visiting coaches which is great for the school and the pupils.They also have a cross country course where they run affiliated events.This weekend we revisit the Showcase of sho wjumping event the Richmond Polo flats.

MIlly and Pli will be going around Liz and I will be helping as we do not have any starters.

Results from August Shows

Posted by colleen brook on August 26, 2013 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (2)

August has been busy with away clinics and shows and the troops have gone well.

It has been good to see my riding friends from Tasmania, they have to work hard  to make things happen for them show wise.

Wagga is where Belinda Lloyd-McMahon has moved to from Dubbo. She and husband Tim are now involved in the jump club there.

Narooma pony club clinic was a good weekend, plenty of kids ready to step up their jumping knowledge.

At the last couple of shows.; 

Milly Clarke has 4 horses to ride to keep her busy and she seems to be in the prizes most times from 90cm to the 1.30m's.

Young Pli Kane in the Juniors is looking ready to challenge the top order. She  placed in a big class last weekend at the Hawkesbury Fundraiser show at the local showground. Pli won a class the weekend before at the Jump Club big money day.

Liz with her little mare is also looking establised in the 1.15m classes. 

Jill Waddy with her new horse Vindication won a 85cms at Hawkesbury and had another couple of other good rounds as well.

My horse has had a splint,so he has been out of action for month or so. Splints are troublesome whilst they are forming and once they harden it seems they don't cause much more trouble.

Armidale in the NSW Northern Tablelands is my next stop on the clinic trail.

I hope to have some days during he school hloidays coming up for lessons. I will be attending theAustralin Championships on 19-22nd of September. The following week I will  be available for teaching.

August Shows

Posted by colleen brook on July 18, 2013 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

We all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves when the 'goal' is a long way off wether it is a show or something else.

August is coming up well.!st weekend is Warmblood show with height classes at SIEC.Canberra Clasic for two days 2nd weekend.Thethird weekend is Jump club 4 rings big comp day. 4th Weekend Jumping NSW runs a fundraiser for the December show at SIEC.

4th weekend Krissy Harris has a show on at Mt White. For me it seems everyone wants a clinic.I will be In Tassie, Canberra, Wagga,Narooma and Armidale.

I managed to have two weekends free for shows. I will be going out to jump club or havnig lessons at other peoples places to give my horses somewhere else to go.



Posted by colleen brook on July 5, 2013 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Wet weeks slow down the horse riding for sure.

The holidays are a great time for everyone to catch up on the riding.

Competitions are a bit thin and the days are short so the cycle continues.